"I could tell Joe absolutely anything that was on my mind and I never felt judged."
"Talking has allowed me to find ways to cope and move on."
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About Joe Magalhaes

Joe Magalhaes

I am currently training in Transactional Analysis Counselling and Psychotherapy at The Link Centre in Sussex, England. I am a member of the National Counselling Society (NCS), the European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA), and the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA), to whose codes of ethics I abide.

I am in my early 50’s and I come from a varied cultural background. I was born and brought up in Brazil, where I obtained a degree in Education from the University of Sao Paulo. I moved to the UK in 1995 and through St Martin’s College in London I was awarded Qualified Teaching Status in England where I worked as a classroom teacher and subject coordinator for many years. I have been based in Granada for 10 years, where I live with my beloved wife.

Joe Magalhaes My dedication to psychotherapy arose from a life-time inclination to reflect on the extent somebody’s upbringing, family impositions and early experiences in life might shape their internal landscapes and the way they carry themselves in the world. How people can take control of their lives and stop undesirable past experiences interfering in their present has been a constant questioning of mine.

I am very interested in the relational patterns people establish in their infancy and tend to keep in place throughout their lives. The wonderful plasticity of our brains fascinates me, as it makes it possible for us to complete previous developmental stages and free ourselves from painful, repeating patterns in the present.

I have experience in helping clients understand themselves and overcome difficulties, and I feel both humbled by the trust clients place in me and immensely privileged to witness the transformation in their lives.

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